Meet the Team: Marcus Eytcheson

Jan - 05
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Meet the Team: Marcus Eytcheson

The “Meet the Team” blog series will highlight various Local Roofing team members, their role within the company, as well as a few fun facts.

Name: Marcus Eytcheson

Title/position with Local Roofing: Visionary

Marcus Eytcheson and family

How long have you worked for Local Roofing:
Day 1 – Local Roofing LLC – originally formed January 2015
Fairmont Roofing was organized March 2018
Hayward Roofing was organized September 2019
Becker Roofing was organized January 2020
Folie Roofing acquired July 2020

What do you enjoy most about your job:
I love working in this competitive environment. I love working with our team helping them reach goals from careers with us and personal goals outside of the company. I love the opportunity that the company has given me to give back to family, friends, and the community.

Why do you feel Local Roofing stands out from their competitors:
Our company has small local locations that give you that small town service you expect. We combine our small locations to create a larger company that has the resources to take on large commercial projects when needed.

What is your favorite line of roofing product to work with:
Tilcor stone-coated steel roofing. I especially like the CF Shingle in Charcoal Blend as its on my personal property. All the benefits of steel without the look of a hog barn or cattle shed.

If you were to describe yourself in three words, what would they be:
Visionary, Driven, Leader

Favorite food:

Favorite thing to do on your time off:
Outdoors Fishing/Hunting/Boating/Snowmobile with my family near Hayward, WI.

Chocolate, vanilla or twist:
Twist all day.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be:
Being in two places at once. The most difficult thing that I deal with on a day to day basis is juggling my schedule between running a company and having a family. Having to provide for a family as well as support a family is difficult to do simultaneously. Both of them are important to me and being in two places at once would be just the super power for me to always get things done.

Any fun fact about yourself:
I recently put together a children’s book about roofing. I’m hoping to give some copies out to area libraries and elementary schools in the near future.

Quick background on your family:
I’m married to a beautiful young woman Alisa. We have a few little ones helping around the office, job sites, and occasional even help with our marketing content. Those little staff members are Edwin, Esme, & Elon. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you from our family to yours.