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Fairmont Roofing is owned and operated by Marcus Eytcheson, a veteran of the roofing industry for 15+ years. Experienced in many types of steep sloped roofing options, Marcus' roofing experience has included options such composite shingles, steel panels, steel shingles and unique/decorative custom metal roofing options.
With over 15+ years of experience in the roofing industry, you can expect the absolute highest measures of quality and customer service on every project when you hire Fairmont Roofing.
If you or someone you know has a roofing project on the horizon, give us a call for a no-obligation consultation.


As you will see from our bio’s,  we like to have a good time at Fairmont Roofing.
We try to keep a positive and upbeat attitude with everything we do.  So read on and enjoy!


Marcus Eytcheson

Director of Dream Fulfillment
(aka., the Guy)

Marcus is the Founder of Fairmont Roofing. He has been involved in the roofing industry in varying facets for over 15+ years. Hardworking and trustworthy are two traits that can describe Marcus. Whether he is training and educating the staff at Fairmont Roofing or meeting with building owners, Marcus' mountain of knowledge and expertise in the roofing industry goes to work for you, the Customer,
every single day.


Jessica Lemperes

Manager of Random Thoughts & Ideas
(aka., the Business Manager)

Jessica is a vital part of the communications and functions at Fairmont Roofing. She manages the Business and assists with the Operations. It could be said that Jessica is the glue that holds our team together. She wants nothing less than the best for each customer that comes our way. She is analytical, but fun and constantly keeps us moving in the right direction, which for a lack of a better term is like herding cats.


Dylan Herman

The People's Deal Maker
(aka., Sales)

Dylan is a constant smiling face with a positive attitude and outstanding work ethic. If you are looking for a Salesperson who fits the definition of hard work and hustle, Dylan is your guy! He works hard to find the right solution to fit your roofing needs. He prides himself of finding you options you need, not just something that's already on our shelves.


David Johnston

Designated Adult in Charge
(aka., Project Manager)

Dave is the manager of getting things to and from your job site in a timely fashion. He directs labor teams, meets our building owner's requirements and requests and is our "rooftop cabinet builder", as he is always put into the most difficult flashing situations and completes them to perfection.


Daniel Close

Master of Disaster
(a.k.a. Repair/Project Manager)

Daniel Close is always doing what he can to take care of our customers.  He truly cares about each project and the owner's needs from start to finish. He is our “Master of Disaster”,  turning the chaos of re-roofing into beautiful finished projects.


Zach Johnston

Hydro Diversion Technical Supervisor & Gutter Foreman
(a.k.a. Project Manager)

Zachary Johnston is one of the true workhorses in our stable.  He comes to the job-site with a positive attitude and strives for excellence at all times. He is our “Hydro Diversion Technical Supervisor” and gutter specialist.


Philip Schwanz

Roof Consultation Engineer
(aka., Sales)

Philip prides himself on being the best ping pong player in the state of Minnesota, as well as a former national ping pong champion.
Philip actually defeated Forrest Gump in a charity event that was featured on ESPN 8 “The Ocho” in 1996.
He has also been involved in the installation of hundreds of roofing projects over the years.  He is taking that expertise to the table now and explaining the process to homeowners and building owners alike.  He is available to walk you through the
re-roofing project start to finish.
Give us a call today to set up a roofing consultation with Philip, your local roof consultation engineer.


Future Team Member


Future Team Member